Thursday, 10 February 2011

Slacking D:

I wondered how long it'd take me to miss out a daily entry, evidentially not very long. Whoops!

So to pick up where I left off, the Saga assessment was nothing like I expected. 6 of us were sat around a table in a small room with 3 pieces of paper in front of each of us. We were about to take whats known as a "Tommy test".

Now, before I go into what this test consists of, I don't quite think they're fair. For starters working in a call centre involves a lot of a noise, lots of talking, taking notes and writing things down (onto peoples profiles, clients notes) and you're not under an insanely small time frame to work with. The papers; the first was to do with short term memory and how quickly you could identify mistakes. The "mistakes" in this case consisted of 8 letters. 4 in capitals, 4 not. The capital letters formed a top row and the lower case a bottom row. If the letters above and beneath each other matched you'd mark it with a 1. Then total up how many matched and thats the end number.

EG -  A B C D
          a  b  c  h          - The A's, B's & C's match so you'd mark it with a 3.

Seems simple right... not when you have 50 different combinations ranging from A-Z to complete in 2 minutes.
Up next was another odd test. The questions were set out as followed:

Peter is faster than Bill.
Bill is faster than Colin.
Who is the slowest?

Again, 50 questions like that to complete in 3 minutes.

The final test, made absolutely NO sense. It looked like this.    (A)    F     (H). A is the first letter in the alphabet. H is the eighth letter. Which one is further away from F, being the sixth letter. 50 questions just like that to complete in 3 minutes. I've yet to hear from the company regarding an interview, whether im successful or not I'll receive some form of notice but I'm not holding my breath on this one.

Today was not a great deal more fun. I decided to buy Dawn Of War 2 at last... spend hours downloading it from steam because my download speed isn't the greatest where I live. Only to find, my graphics card was out of date... BRILLIANT. Turns out ATI no longer manufacture the Radeon X600 series, showing how old my card was. It ran every game I'd ever purchased except DoW2 so it had to go. I ended up settling on a nVidia GeForce GT240 costing my just under £70. Im convinced I could've gotten a cheaper card but alas, it works and runs fine so all is well.


  1. I think you made the right choice with the nvidia card they really do make great products

  2. Yea I need a new graphics card also, mines is extremely old.

  3. Colin is the slowest, no? Peter is faster than Bill who is faster than Colin.

    Seems like an exhausting test either way.