Sunday, 20 March 2011


I'm having to start my entire blog again due to some fucking whiteknights reporting blogs and such. Could I ask all my followers to follow my new blog >

I'm trying to revert everything back to normal as fast as I can and get back into the bloggersphere. Thanks! <3

Sunday, 13 March 2011


Wow, I didnt realise it had been a WEEK since I'd posted. I guess time flies when you're constantly entertained.

So, the majority of my past week was awesome, me and Alison are now together and thats going super smoothly. The Sabres are playing excellently other than last nights slip up against Toronto, as for the job front... urghh still dragging along.

I've hit the gym pretty hard this week and begun taking a creatine supplement again - only to find out I've almost finished the tub. Although in all fairness I had consumed half the tub the last time I went on a creatine spree and its just sat in my cupboard for a while. The results are showing which is great! I've been following a mental dietary plan all week as well and stuck to it like a fly on cake.

Everyone else had a good week?

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Awesome mode, Engage.

So, Friday wasn't a good day for me with the whole break up and I was preparing for a shitty weekend consisting of gaming, sleeping and my Sabres games. Saturday morning I woke up to a shedload of texts from people saying they were sorry for what happened, am I okay etc. After sleeping on it I realized I didn't actually give a shit.

I'd been flirting a little for the past week with a girl called Alison yet couldn't take it any further than light flirting due to the fact I was in a relationship. HOWEVER, she had no clue about that.

 Saturday morning I woke up to a really nice text from her and it went from there again. She very subtly told me she liked me etc and asked if I was free in the week at all. I'm sat there thinking, this couldn't have gone anymore perfectly! Only trouble is, shes been sick the past few days so there was no chance of us hanging out over the weekend or anything so I decided to have a lazy day. Saturday night I spent my final evening with the students, made an absolute racket during the Sabres game which they roared back for a 5-3 win over Philly, got paid and made my way home.

Today (Sunday) got even better. After a fairly decent nights sleep I woke up super refreshed and raring to go. Me and my twin (as we call each other) had a catch up over coffee at our local mall. Spent a little while shopping  for clothes before going back to mine and sorting out his plane tickets to Finland. All the while me and Alison were still texting and arranging what to do during the week etc.

 Its now 9:02pm Sunday night, the Sabres take on the Minnesota Wild in just over 2 hours which I'm super stoked about. A win and we jump into 8th place in the East!

How was everyone elses weekends?

Saturday, 5 March 2011

I'm moving on.

Another short entry. The interview went pretty good. I messed up a typing test due to the fact my hands were freezing cold and the things I had to copy at an insane speed were fucking stupid. Other than that it was good.

As for the title "Im moving on", me and my girlfriend broke up today. Our relationship became "stale" I guess. It was the same stuff everytime we saw eachother, she wasnt willing to try new things or go to new places... Plus we've been arguing a shit tonne lately so I decided to put myself first and do what I wanted for a change.

I hope everyone is doing good, i'll get back to my usual long posts tomorrow!

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Time to step it up.

Good morning / afternoon / evening, depending on when you read this.

Today, I have my interview - well actually its in just over 2 hours. Im feeling pretty good about it, a lot better than I did when facing Saga due to the fact this is something I have experience in (to a certain extent).

I've used MS office for years now, and upgraded as the new versions have been released, I'm a bit of a grammar Nazi when it comes to reading my own writing and spelling/punctuation in this job is CRITICAL because its all to do with updating peoples information, company information etc. I'm qualified as far as GCSE's go with this job (sports A-Levels aren't quite necessary).

But, away from the technical side of things. A little more confidence arose after I realized something. I fit everything required by this job: Computer literate, work to deadlines, able to work on own initiative, good numeracy & literacy skills (I've got GCSE grade C's for both as well as key skills in both subjects; also equivalent to C's). A good eye for detail, good typing skills & speed as well as experience in the customer service sector if need be. 

When I was contacted and asked if I was available for interview, they immediately gave me control of the time and date of the interview. How many of you have or know someone thats been given that kind of freedom? I've had a fair few interviews and every single one has been "this is your time slot unless you can make it". 

On top of all that right after they called me for the interview and confirmed it, the job advert was removed from website. Now, I'm not sure if its just me getting pumped up and my confidence levels going through the roof or if this is one of those "you're hired, we just want to know a little more about you" situations but those events are pretty encouraging.

I'll check in again later with how I felt it went and if any progress has been made.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The past few days..

I dont think I've done myself any favors the past couple of days. I've undertaken a temporary job for this week at least. as a "Foreign Student Guide" which is as fun as it sounds. Its one hour a day.. but its an 8am start. Which really hasnt sat well with my sleeping pattern.

I guide students from A to B, get paid £10 an hour and trust me... it is not worth the money. The age range at the moment is 13-23. They're stubborn as hell, more ignorant than anyone I've ever met and extremely inconsiderate of everything thats going on around them.

Anyway - on from that. I've secured yet another job interview. This time with a media company called MH Media as a "Data input clerk". So, to put that in a nutshell its working with MS Office and emails.

Speaking of my sleeping pattern its gone haywire.. I wasnt sleeping till 5-6am a couple of weeks ago now im falling asleep at 8-9pm and then waking up at 3-4am... Urghh gotta buy some pills or some shit to get this sorted.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Quick Post

Yesterday.. well the 25th. Crazy tiring. Our whole front yard & driveway is getting redone, so we had 2 tonnes of sand and then 2 tonnes of stones being dropped off at 7:30, the lawn getting turfed up and all this other crazy stuff going on in the pouring rain. Im not kidding, it turned into a freaking monsoon whilst me and my mom were wheeling sand everywhere in wheelbarrows.

Sleeping patterns gotten even worse >_<

I didnt sleep last night, was meant to go out to a club tonight with some friends and ended up falling asleep at my desk from 7pm till 12:30am. Woke up and tuned into the Sabres game which was AWESOME. A 4-2 win over the Senators to keep us in the playoff race.

Only trouble is.. its now 3:15 and im wide awake.

How was everyone elses day? :)