Friday, 4 February 2011

4th of Feb, 2011

Hmm, where to start with today.

I managed to sleep through my 9, 10 and 11am alarms FML. I awoke at 12:15 to find I had 45 minutes to pack my bag for the day, then get from my house to town for coffee with a friend. After pulling the most "clutch" performance ever I arrived at 1:04pm, bathed, dressed, shaved and with my gym stuff in my bag.

After an hour of talking, we parted ways, I hopped on a train from Ramsgate to Broadstairs only to notice I had roughly 30 minutes till my girlfriend met me from the gym. "For christ sake" I thought, I need to work out, style my hair and shower. Now usually, my workouts range from 1 hour to 1:45 todays workout (if you could call it that) was 20 minutes!

So, after finishing up there I left, met her and we headed back to her dads place. Yesterday was her birthday so us and her parents were going out for a meal tonight. Had a few glasses of wine before hand and headed into town a couple of hours later.

The restaurant itself was fairly small, a little Thai restaurant in the heart of the town. The food was A LOT better than I expected considering both the restaurant and kitchen were heavily understaffed. The four of us sat talking for a solid hour after finishing our meals and then headed off. 

After getting back to her dads and thanking them, I took a long walk home - which I didn't mind, it was quite a nice evening which is pretty rare to have in England at this of year. So anyways, its 11:58 now, Sabres game starts in 9 minutes!



  1. Interesting story, I enjoyed it :)

  2. I cant have Thai food because of my peanut allergy :/

  3. I love Thai food, although I over-indulged on my recent trip to Thailand :P

  4. Thai food is great! the stuff is hard on the stomach though

  5. Thai food is my fav, and pizza.

  6. This post made me so hungry for far-eastern food.

  7. I wish my day was as exciting as yours...